Sunday, January 18, 2009

Frequently asked questions

My camcorder thread size is ...

Canon HV20/30, HG10 = 43mm
Panasonic NV GS230/150 = 37mm

If you don't know your camcorder thread size just find out it on the camcorder instruction or search on the internet.

Is the image upside down with the 35mm adapter ?

Yes, you will see the video upside down with IKord V5 adapter. All 35mm adapters needs to flip image and here is some ways.

The "flip hack" is the best way. Also, I recommend to use external LCD. Or this:

No doubt, it is very easy to correct it in post-production. It is a standard feature in most any video editing program.

IKord V5 is static 35mm adapter. What it means ?

The focusing screen has no movement. Here isn't any electronics, so you don't have any problems with noise (vibrating motor sound) or charging battery cell. Only one thing, the dust is enemy number one. If focusing screen is dirty (show up in your video) you will need to clean it.

I have Nikon lens. How I can use it for 35mm IKord V5 adapter with Canon EOS mount ?

You can use your Nikon lens if you have adapter for Nikon lens to Canon EOS body. You can buy it from

Do I need a lens support ?

A rail system is not required, if you use small-middle-sized lens for example Canon 50mm f1.8 or Nikon 18-55mm zoom lens.

Shipping time

I use registered worldwide Air Post service. It means, your parcel has priority and normally shipping takes about 2 weeks.