Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sample video

User video (IKord V5 + Rollei Planar 50mm f/1.8 lens with Sony HXR-MC2000)

User Mikkel Boel video

User Vaughan video (IKord V3 + Industar 61 f/2.8 lens)


"I have a video uploaded that I made the first day I got the lens. I'm still learning how to get the image sharper and learn to use the lens better, because the more I practice with it, the better I am at using it. I'm also getting better at filming with the screen upside down. It's an awesome lens for such a great price. You made my video production teacher at my school get jealous once I got the lens!" - Cameron Vaughan

"Received the adapter on Saturday, thank you so much. it works PERFECTLY with my camera, and the Nikon lenses I bought (with the adapter ring). the footage is UNBELIEVABLY crisp and clear, I think you'll be really impressed by it. Shooting full 1080 HD with a brand new 50mm lens and your adapter really turns out amazing footage. Thanks again, great product!" - William Braden